Exposure and Geekdom – Fighting Bigotry through Tabletop Games

Pop Culture Uncovered

Most of us have heard the concept that “exposure reduces bigotry”; by learning about or interacting with other races, cultures, religions, etc. we can reduce our implicit bias. In fact, studies show that people become less racist simply by living in diverse areas.

This idea is why accurate representation in media is important. Negative stereotypes create rifts while positive presentations can reduce the divide.

While everyone is focused on the effects of movies and television, there are more “geeky” areas of pop culture. Indeed, comic books and video games are both in the spotlight regarding representation, but what about other hobbies?

ComicDiversity There’s more to diversity in geekdom than this… although, this is pretty cool!

For one, tabletop roleplaying games have begun to tackle the issue of accurate representation and exposure.

Dungeon & Dragon’s 5th edition was lauded for its inclusion of PoC and women in its…

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