Star Wars Fans – Romanticizing the Original Trilogy

Pop Culture Uncovered

Star Wars, the ultimate fandom. Sure, the Trekkies and Whovians have been around longer, and the Potterheads have risen in the ranks.

Lucas’ (now Disney’s) monster, however, is probably quoted by your average person more than any of those. Star Wars has become an intricate part of everyday society, to the point it’s a badge of uniqueness if you haven’t seen any of the movies.

Now that the 8th chapter of the epic (and the 9th film overall) has been released, we’re seeing how the rabid Star Wars geeks are reacting. As expected, despite positive reviews overall, there’s a vocal minority waving their plastic lightsabers like British Parliament “harrumphing” away.

Some are complaining the film has strayed too far from the classic formula. Others state the opposite that it’s too much of a callback to the originals. People debate whether there were too many plots, whether…

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