Roll20 Shows How NOT to Handle Social Media Complaints

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Ever want to see how not to handle social media accounts, an upset customer, and a PR disaster? Look no further than Roll20 and its co-founder, Nolan T. Jones.

Roll20 is a virtual tabletop role-playing game website and app that allows people to play together over the Internet. The program provides visual aids, tracks characters, and maintains entire campaigns of data; also, Roll20 worked with established companies, like D&D and Pathfinder, allowing you to input rules and statistics from their books directly into your campaign.

Unfortunately, despite providing such a highly popular and utilized resource, Roll20 stepped into a mess when they mistakenly banned a subscriber from their /r/Roll20 subreddit.


Reddit lit up with the lengthy, but well-written, testimony of Cory Owens, aka ApostleO, a long-time, dedicated subscriber who found himself banned from the subreddit. The reason boiled down to his screen name being similar to someone who’d been…

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