Renaissance Festivals – Costumes are not Consent

Pop Culture Uncovered

PCU has been quite adamant about its articles on cosplay and consent. We’ve written extensively on the topic, decrying those who use cosplay as an excuse for sexual harassment (or even assault).

We can’t reiterate this point enough, at least until the behavior becomes practically non-existent and the entire industry is united against it. There is more to be said, however, on the topic of costumes and consent, as this issue stretches beyond the convention halls and comic stores.

Opening for its latest season this coming weekend is the Maryland Renaissance Festival, an event with huge crowds, tons of staff and performers, and a loyal following of “regulars” (aka Rennies or RennGeeks). I’ve written in the past about the similarities (and differences) between the Renaissance Festival and your local convention.

One of those similarities is the number of people in costume, or “garb” as the Rennies say…

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