Religion in Television – From Love to Hate

Pop Culture Uncovered

With the end of another great season of Preacher and the protest of said series by fundamentalist Christian organizations, we’re left to ponder the way television has treated religion. As society has changed, so has its reflection in pop culture, and there seems to be a trend.

Although modern audiences seem to be secular or anti-religion in their harsh critique (and mockery) of modern faiths, this wasn’t always the norm. In the past, some shows were quite supportive of particular spiritual ideals and ideologies.

As we await the next in AMC’s adaptation of Garth Ennis’ masterpiece series, let’s remind us how TV (and ourselves) have treated various dogma and mythos.


In the 1980’s, most shows kept things low-key – if the supernatural was shown, it was often positive. Highway to Heaven is the most well-known series, about an angel sent to Earth and required to help people.

Then again, this…

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