Video Games – Latest Scapegoat for Unemployment?

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The 21st century has certainly been a divisive and worrisome era, from politics to social issues to finances. The best minds in the country have been working hard to explain the problems in society – one of those problems being the growing unemployment among today’s young adults. Well, one group claims to have found the culprit: video games.

According to a joint study involving economists from Princeton, the Universities of Chicago, and the University of Rochester, video games are the cause for  unemployment among millennial men. The study’s authors, Mark Aguiar, Kerwin Charles, and Erik Hurst, were concerned with the amount of men (age 21-30) who weren’t employed full-time despite increasing job markets. In fact, unemployed and part-time workers with minimal college education had increased 132% in the past 16 years, from 9.5% to 22%.

What could cause this increase in uneducated, unemployed young men? According to the study, these experts…

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