Universal Health Coverage: Not a Bad Thing


One of the biggest issues I have with the whole “socialized medicine” debate is people are getting pissed off about things like religious or personal “rights”, arguing over whether they should be forced to do something or contribute toward others. All of this ignores the bigger picture: universal health coverage works. 14 out of 15 of the healthiest countries have government-run, universal health care, from Asia to Europe to Africa. Despite this blatant fact, we seem to be opposed to socialized medicine for no reason other than our egocentric and ignorant worldview. What is wrong with a system that is proven to help everybody?

Now, don’t get me wrong, because even a good program can have problems in the wrong hands. Our government suffers from incompetence and immorality, meaning our universal system may not compare to other countries. Until we can get big money and corruption out of politics, nothing will work… capitalism, socialism, conservatism, progressivism, etc. What we don’t realize is these are all just labels to divide us, make us fight, and cover up the plutocracy we actually live in. If we would stop listening to divisive politicians and “news” sources, however, and start thinking about the bigger picture… maybe we could make things like universal healthcare work?

Also, just because the government behind everything has issues doesn’t mean we should ignore government-run programming. I’d rather have a system of common sense legislation enacted poorly than shitty legislation enacted the same. And maybe once we start getting some of these programs rolling (whether 100% or 50%), we can start concentrating on the bigger issues of cutting the red tape and trimming the fat.

It’s folly to argue over where funds need to be cut from bad policies and programs, when the policies and programs should disappear in the end anyway. Put the right approaches in place first, then evaluate what needs to be done to increase efficiency. Otherwise, we’re just arguing over whether a bush should be trimmed as a shape or an animal, when in reality we need a flower garden.

In the end, I would rather our Federal government offer a universal system than continue to deal with the deceit and exorbitant costs of the corporations currently running the show. I’ll take incompetence over greed any day. At least the incompetence can be worked on through training and regulation…. the greedy will continue to be greedy no matter what you throw at them.