Tabletop Tuesday – #DnDGate

Pop Culture Uncovered

It’s amusing when an article you write about geek culture and behavior is reflected in later events. That amusement is even more so when things happen mere days after you’ve written something.

That’s precisely what happened after my article on how geek culture was done with “broflakes.” I discussed the problem that geekdom has with so-called fans, the “manbabies” and “neckbeards,” and how industry leaders were done with their idiocy.

While primarily discussing incidents in movies and video games, I also brushed upon similar problems in tabletop gaming. I can now explore these problems a bit more with a recent problem being labeled #DnDGate.

nerd_smokingIt’s all about integrity and roleplaying!

I won’t go too far into the individual behind this, as I don’t really want to give them the attention. Suffice to say, their anti-SJW ideology falls victim to the same argumentum ad temperantiam and “the left is…

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