Geekdom’s Future – Yes to Diversity, No to Broflakes

Pop Culture Uncovered

The “geek” world has been disappointing lately, with the behavior of many so-called “fans.” We’ve become a reflection of the divisive politics and hatred of mainstream society, but with the mentality of the Comic Book Guy or Francis.

To be fair, it’s not like this is a recent problem; we’ve seen this in everything from Gamergate to Sad Puppies, and even tabletop gaming has its own issues. The reaction, however, of Marvel and Star Wars fans has reached new heights of disgrace.

Coordinated efforts by these “anti-SJW” groups to lower the ratings of movies like Black Panther or The Last Jedi is terrible enough. Now the trolls and bigots have gone as far as cyberbullying celebrities and industry leaders, to drive them into seclusion, out of a job, or worse.

Kelly-Maire-Tran-WookiepediaIs this the behavior of “fans”?

You would think pop culture is looking as grim…

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