Overwatch League & Deaf Support – Not What It Seems

Pop Culture Uncovered

Audiences following the Overwatch League (OWL) saw an interesting segment on Watchpoint, their preview, recap, and news series. Watchpoint’s Stage 4, Week 3 Recap focused on a Deaf fan, 14-year-old Danik Soudakoff, and a discussion of his experiences with an ASL interpreter.

Most of the piece highlighted how Blizzard provided an interpreter for Deaf fans in the live audience, while another part focused on the obstacles faced when interpreting the English commentary.

Specifically, Soudakoff and the interpreter created new signs to represent the characters names. ASL usually requires fingerspelling of names, but that takes too long; instead, a new sign was invented for each character to allow for easier communication.

Overall, the segment appeared inspiring – Blizzard showed their support to a Deaf fan, new signs were created for ASL users, and the Hearing audience was given insight into Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (D/HH) Overwatch enthusiasts. This evidence of Blizzard’s…

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