When Conventions Choose Business Over Ethics

Pop Culture Uncovered

By now, most people are aware of the backlash in Hollywood over decades of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Social media is littered with #MeToo, bringing new awareness to a campaign started a decade prior by Tarana Burke for women of color.

As we’ve made clear before, you cannot separate geekdom from the real world, so it shouldn’t be shocking that similar allegations exist in our world of fantasy and escape. From RPG designers and CEOs to comic editors and writers, there are geek “celebrities” now facing repercussions for their behavior.

Unlike Hollywood, however, fandom itself doesn’t seem to be getting the hint about what’s happening. While the industries are divorcing themselves from the individuals, conventions have been wary to cut off guests that might bring them business.

When North Texas RPG Con was repeatedly e-mailed about their choice to host Frank Mentzer and Bill Webb, despite…

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