Politics and Geekdom – Fantasy is NOT an “Oasis” from Reality

Pop Culture Uncovered

We see this situation all too often: Someone brings up something social or political in a geek forum, only to have someone criticize them. “This is a place to escape the real world,” they say, “and you’re ruining it by bringing that stuff up.”

Apparently, geekdom is supposed to be a sanctuary from politics, world events, and social issues. Some people believe that to bring up any of those topics is to ruin the utopia they’re hiding in.

Guess what? Those people are wrong.

Politics and social issues have always been a part of science-fiction and fantasy.

  • In 1818, a mad scientist encountered themes of social justice and the cruelty of modern society.
  • In 1870, the captain of a submarine sailed through topics like libertarianism and the militarization of the world.
  • In 1949, a dystopian future presented themes of authoritarian regimes and historical revisionism that echo today.
  • In 1966,

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