BioShock’s 10th Anniversary – A Reflection of our Society

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Monday, August 21st, marks the 10th anniversary of BioShock, the award-winning FPS from 2K Games. While I could write about the popularity of the game or my favorite memories, I think there’s something more important to discuss.

BioShock’s political messages and their reflection of our current society.

We’ve all read multiple articles and blogs about the core themes of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. Bioshock explored a society where people were given absolute freedom from government controls. Science could progress without ethical consideration. Businesses could thrive without restraints on their practices. People could focus on their personal enjoyment first, without worrying about helping anyone else.

Sound familiar?

These ideas have influenced Libertarianism, one of the rising ideologies in American politics. Many people in the United States support the removal of government from citizen’s lives. No taxes, no regulations, no restrictions on what one does…

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