Other Side of the Table – Awesome Con from an Exhibitor’s Perspective

Pop Culture Uncovered

Awesome Con finished out their 2017 season with much applause. Although there were some complaints, mostreviewswere positive. From the impressive guests to the fascinating panels to the massive exhibit floor, Awesome Con brought a lot for people to discuss.

Most of this chatter, however, is from the perspective of the patrons. They discuss the convention based on their experiences and needs as customers. While this is important for people wondering if they should attend or what they missed, let’s not be remiss in remembering the many others on-site. Staff, guests, and (of course) exhibitors make up a significant portion of those present and have their experiences and desires.

While I cannot speak for the first two, I’d like to offer some insights as someone from Artist Alley.

Conventions Run Longer for Us

Most guests use a single day pass, attending for the hours…

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