Dear Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon – Sign Language isn’t a Punchline

Pop Culture Uncovered

We are now living in the 21st century. Even given an increase of nationalism, bigotry, and hate crimes, we have mostly moved past the prejudices of a century ago. I’m not saying our television and films are perfect, but practices like blackface, yellowface, and general mockeries of other cultures usually face criticism from general audiences. Similarly, making fun of how someone talks or acts in comedy is generally reserved for those who belong to that particular demographic (or a presidential candidate).

That’s why there’s been such an uproar over the behavior of Jamie Foxx when he appeared on the Tonight Show.

The evening of that show, Foxx thought he was having some fun as Jimmy Fallon threw to commercial. As the host spoke, Foxx began making fake signs to the camera, pretending to interpret while in reality making random gestures. The mockery of sign language…

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