Face Off – How could you be so ignorant about Hawaiʻi?

This is a little outdated now, but I think the message is pretty important. Indigenous people’s cultures and faiths should be treated with the same respect as anyone’s. Artistic interpretation is appreciated, but it shouldn’t be done with ignorance.

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(UPDATE: Sections marked with a strikethrough were done because of new information, included at the end of the article.)

Face Off, the reality competition program of creature design and makeup is now winding down its All-Stars season. On April 11, 2017, they delved into a new subject material: Hawaiʻian mythology. The show remarked on how the culture was oft-ignored by audiences until recently with movies like Moana. This contest should have been the perfect opportunity to provide representation and exposure to mainland audiences.

Instead, Face Off fell victim to that very ignorance with its competition and artist designs.

courtesy of Syfy

The first failure lay on the production staff themselves, who failed to provide accurate information to the designers. Each contestant was given a choice of five tikis (about the only accurate cultural aspects on the show) representing a different Hawaiʻian god…

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