Iron Fist’s Fight Scenes – Why do they pack no punch?

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Marvel’s Iron Fist has probably been the most divisive of Netflix’s Marvel shows, although in different ways from the social commentary of Luke Cage. Critics hated it, audiences seemed to enjoy it, and there are all sorts of arguments over the acting, plot holes, and appropriation. One of the common complaints that show up is probably the most important for a series based on martial arts: its fights.

My issue with the fight choreography is that, for a character and theme focused on Asian culture and martial arts, it severely lacked in that department. The fight scenes weren’t anywhere as exciting as Daredevil, they were inconsistent in style and presentation, and the “acting” of the participants was haphazard at times. This series was less Yuen Woo-Ping and more Pat E. Johnson, and that was a missed opportunity.

Part of the problem…

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