Iron Fist: Where the Series Makes No Sense

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Marvel’s Iron Fist has now been out a weekend, and it’s garnered a lot of attention. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessor, the focus has been less than kind. Criticisms abound about two-dimensional characters with questionable development and behaviors. Reviews talk about poor acting, story, and fight choreography, and even the hopes the show would address the “white savior” trope and Orientalism origins of the comic were shattered.

However, I’m not here to rehash the same old critiques and arguments. I saw all of these problems and moved past them as I binged the latest in Netflix’s take on the MCU. As the series dragged on, however, some things just began to bug me. That’s why I’m here to comment on the aspects that made no sense to me in Iron Fist. Sure, some might say I’m nitpicking, but I’ve got pretty low standards when it comes to…

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