Gamer Accessibility – Has Nintendo Still Not Learned Its Lesson?

Pop Culture Uncovered

Gaming – you’d think it would be for everyone. After all, what’s your stereotypical gamer? Creative, open-minded, intellectual, geeky, outcast, “different,” etc. I’m not saying gaming hasn’t become mainstream or that everyone should be pigeon-holed, but like much of geek culture, the “gamer” cliché exists for a reason. Even in the face of some loud mouthed groups and Internet assholery, gamers (and geeks) are often an inclusive and supportive community.

Despite this, millions of gamers continue to struggle at their hobby even in the tech-savvy 21st century. People with disabilities or differences, who don’t move, see or hear the same as most discover obstacles when presented with regular games or controllers. This difficulty isn’t something new, as gamer accessibility has been a concern since the dawn of computer games. The fight for equal access continued throughout the end of the 20th century, with increased awareness of…

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