Current Events and Geekdom – A Reason for Apathy and Anxiety

Pop Culture Uncovered

I’ve been absent for a bit to do a little reassessing of life and goals. Recent political events have certainly been a cause for concern for some and outright fear for others. This anxiety has nothing to do with whining, crybabies, or being weak-willed and over-sensitive. From promises to roll back social progress by decades to flagrant hate crimes committed even by children, many people have a legitimate reason to worry about what the future holds.

Of course, you may ask yourself how this has anything to do with pop culture and geekdom. Wouldn’t most geeks be content to lose themselves in their fantasy worlds and hobbies? In fact, some gamers would prefer if real-life social issues never appeared in their favorite escapes.

I’m going to go all psycho-babble on you now, but I’ll try to keep it simple. It’s all about Needs, their priorities, and why it’s hard to bury…

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