Multicultural Horror – Scary Movies Beyond White Hollywood

Pop Culture Uncovered

Most Horror films find origins in American and European folk tales. Even as cinema evolved and America became a melting pot, these tales often fell back on the same Euro-centric tropes and fables. When PoC roles were included, at best they played the same part as others, completely ignoring their ethnicity or culture in a white-dominant script, setting, or cast. At worst, they fell victim to numerous racially-charged tropes, including the First to Die, the Mystical Minority, or the Racial Stereotype.

Not that there haven’t been Western movies focusing on these other perspectives. Unfortunately, like much of representation in Hollywood, the selection is small and doesn’t exactly fit current audience demographics. Luckily, times have changed, and slowly the amount of Asian, Latin, and African-American films have been growing.

That’s the point of this article, to discuss these other types of Horror movies and to expose the…

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